Monday, October 5, 2009

Editing good times at Video Club!

We got down to the basics of editing today with two guests, Karl and Shuling, who work for our club leader Michael!

It was great getting to hear editors and directors of actual Hollywood movies share their stories in the first video clip we got to watch: The Cutting Edge. The Kuleshov Experiment clip we got to watch next was pretty amazing because it showed me that the exact same picture can bring about very different emotions when it's juxtaposed with different images. Neat! We also got to learn about different continuity editing techniques though an action-packed video featuring clips from V for Vandetta.

What we found pretty intriguing was the fact that there are about 24 frames for every second of film we watch. So in that short 45-second clip we watched in Video Club today, we calculated that there were 1,080 frames! Yikes, now that's a lot of pictures!

The best part, though, was getting to have hands-on practice actually making our own editorial decisions! It was challenging to splice together 4 shots, including a wide shot, a close-up and two two-shots from different angles, but our finished products turned out great! It was refreshing to see the different edits made by both our groups, as well as the cut that Karl had originally done when he edited this scene for his college project. It's amazing how 1 scene can be cut in so many ways!

We're really excited to apply all that we've learned today about video editing to the horror movie we'll be making. Check back next week for more on our learning journey when Michael returns!

Film Club's first crack at editing!

Today we all learned about editing and editing techniques. There were tons of video clips illustrating concepts like the 180 degree rule which we talked about a few weeks ago with Brad. We learned about eye-matches, cut on action, and cross cutting. After a lot of talking about editing we finally got a chance to edit a short scene trying out some of the techniques. We split into two groups and each made a cut. We ran out of time at the end but the time we did have actually making edits was fun.