Monday, January 18, 2010

On MLK Day Film Club gets a gift

Today Film Club took the day off to show some love for Martin Luther King Day. However last week the club met and we all had a blast editing the mini assignment. We all screened the dailies together, had a good time giggling at the (my) acting, and then broke out into three groups (one group of three and two groups of two) to begin editing.

In the group of three Brittany, Reggie, and Cantrell teamed up with Shuling hanging out to answer any questions. They cruised through the scene and had a solid rough cut well before the club ended. Marquise and Sean were worked together while I helped with questions and the final group of Melissa and Kierre with Michael backing them up took a bit longer to finish. They were both cutting and cutting. I sure they would have kept going strong all night but we ran out of time. Everyone managed to flesh out the whole scene. Check out Sean and Marquise’s rough cut below!

Cabrini Connections Film Club Mini Assignment 1 Rough Cut from Karl Geweniger on Vimeo.

In other Film Club news, I am happy to announce that we will be getting some shiny new equipment! A new camera, sound gear, and tripod just to name a few of the new tools we will have at our fingertips in the coming weeks. We are going to be making some amazing, funny, moving, eye-opening films so stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mini Assignment!

It was the first club meeting of the year. Michael, Karl and I decided to change things up a little with how we were going to conduct our weekly meetings. We're putting our big horror movie on hold for now and working on short mini-assignments each week. We're going to take time to focus on each aspect of filmmaking, such as camera, sound, lighting and editing, so we understand them well.

This time, we kicked things off with Brittany, Melissa and Reggie! The task was to come up with a story, and tell it in 6 shots. Additional requirements? Their 6 shots had to include 1 pan and 1 tilt.

Check out the video to see how we did!