Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Interview Experience

Some lessons that I have learned while I was doing the interview was to make sure the setting in the place was right and that the background was a nice place to interview a person. The lesson was important because you want to have a background that have something to do with the subject that you are interviewing that person about. My thoughts about it was that you can interview a person where every you want to interview a person at and that it really don't matter where the location is. It changed me because I know that the place have to be right and that the place have to have a good light and quite. It make me feel more important and like I really know what I'm doing. The progress of my documentary is that we have a lot of interviews done and we followed the person down that we was suppose to. Our next step is to edit the movie and put some of the footage together.

Friday, July 29, 2011

First Day Video Shooting

When we first got there i didn't know any of the staff at girls in the game but when we started interviewing and setting up the staff and me became very open.They were very nice and understand everything that was going on when we explained it to them.At first I thought i was going to mess up because that boom mic was very heavy but i went on through the day and handle it very well.My thoughts before this week were if the ladies were going to nervous,will they all shaking and we have to calm them down. I learned that everybody different in front of camera.This makes me feel like wow,i wish everybody else was like this.Right now Reel Talent Productions Internship Girls is done documentary why boys get more attention in sports or why they don't get involve in sports.Our next step is to edit our documentary in the up coming week.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My First Day At Reel Talent

When i first got to work ,we seat down and talked because we were early.Later on at 11pm,we started discussing coverage,storytelling,set etiquette and interview techniques.To me and my point view while they were discussing.I Think coverage and storytelling is basically describing other people point view and letting other people see how it feel to be in their shoes.Set etiquette is just saying the roles of each person and telling them important responsibilities they have to follow.I learned Interview techniques and this is important to me because this can help you in the real world one day when your trying to do media and technology in the future.This changed me because it will help me see what being reporter really is and it isn't simple at all.You have to go in and be prepared for anything.This make me feel little nervous because I'm not that out-spoken when it comes to talking to a person face to face.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Squad

My week at Summer Squad was very different, I learned so many different things there like looking at somebody beauty in the inside not the outside. Like if you ask someone, how do she look? The first thing they would say is her smile, but it's really what's in the inside. That is important to me because, I never though about it that what's in the inside really makes somebody beautiful. It changed me because, the next time I say somebody is pretty i am going to think about what makes them look that way from the inside. It makes me feel like a different person because I can think before I say how a person look. I ask questions to the coaches about the program and they gave me a lot of details, and how they got involved with the program. My next step is to talk abut it with the other girls.

Girls in the game

Working with the summer program Girls in the Game has been an amazing adventure. I have really enjoyed meeting all the girls in the group, and also the leaders Coach Jenny and Coach Lauren. While I was there I have learn a lot from this program. Some of the things I have learn is inner and outer beauty. The thing about inner and outer beauty is that when someone ask you what make a girl beautiful? Someone would answer her eyes, nose , or even her smile. That would be her outer beauty, but her inner beauty would be something like she is very positive. She is an outgoing person. That is one of the MANY things that I have learned. In this program the girls do a lot of exercise, but at the same time have fun with it. They do a lot of running, jumping jacks, and my favorite toe-touching.

There were times I was there when we went on field trips. One of my favorite field trip is going to an elementary by the brown line Kimball station. We went there as a leaders of the younger girls. We did many workshops, and played games with them. The game that they really seemed to like the most is the flag grab game. They had to go around and get as many flags off people as they can. If your flag was pulled you had to do 10 jumping jacks. They loved it so much that they didn't even want us to leave them. This week was very nice and exciting. I had a real nice time with this summer program. I encourage other teenage girls to join this program. Girls in the Game you are doing a great job, and keep up the good work!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Announcing our Reel Talent Productions summer interns!

They applied, they were interviewed, and they conquered! We’re happy to announce the 3 budding filmmakers who’ll be going through an intense 8 weeks working on their own documentary about health and fitness in their communities.

Melissa Young, Marquita Fisher and Alicia Ward

We’re kicking off the first week with an immersive learning experience by sending our interns to participate in the Girls In The Game Summer Squad, where they’ll be playing sports, going on field trips and learning about issues around Sports and the Media.

Keep a lookout for the girls’ updates and reflections on their filmmaking journeys every week right here!

Much love and gratitude goes out to my amazing team for leading this with me. Jonathan, Jane and I are going to work our butts off to make this as memorable and fulfilling of an internship for the girls as possible. :)