Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big plans to close out the year!

With the Year End Gala Dinner only weeks away, we're looking to close out the semester with a big bang! We're currently hard at work on several projects!

The Cabrini Connections Video and Filmmakers Club was proud to provide documentary coverage of the wildly successful Art Show, which took place on April 16th. Armed with our Panasonic TM300 and a mic, we captured the sights, sounds and excitement of the night! Many thanks to all those who agreed to do interviews with us! Melissa is now in the trenches of the edit room, carving out a great piece with all the footage we've collected for the event over the last few weeks.

Just this week, we all had the chance to come up with our own scripts too! This second mini assignment was to develop a story with no more than 2 characters, where someone overcomes a challenge or a conflict. The goal set was to tell it with 6-12 shots and if possible, to also have an unexpected ending. After snack break, we took turns pitching our story ideas to everyone around the table. It was great to hear the wide range of ideas that came through... everyone's certainly got talent! At the end of the night, we all voted for our 2 favorite stories. The 2 winning stories will be shot and edited in the upcoming weeks. How exciting!

Congratulations to Sean Mayfield and Reggie Murphy for winning the vote! They'll both be directing their own short films. I'm sure everyone will be looking forward to pitching in, either as a production crew member, or an actor!

And as if all that wasn't enough, we're looking to start a series of simple webisodes featuring the organizing committee of the Year End Gala Dinner, so get pumped for that! :)