Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Building Momentum

Greetings, I wanted to start this blog out by thanking Cabrini Connections Film Club for accepting me as a new group leader! This week was another busy week for film club. We continued to make shot lists and storyboards. At this point there is a shot list and boards for about a third of our short film. Working through this process never ceases to inspire me. Everyone in the club has helped to contribute ideas to the film each week and with each new idea I can see it taking shape.

We had a few less members this week due to Brittany and Reggie’s birthday, but that did not halt our progress. Mae gave a great tutorial on the basics of screenwriting formatting. Formatting for screenwriting can be overwhelming at first, it is something that becomes easier with practice. I can’t wait to see the script for our film formatted like a true screenplay.

After our writing discussion we jumped right back into creating shot lists and storyboards for two more scenes. Kierre was on fire this week! He had such a great vision for the kidnapping scene. He managed to transform a fairly simple scene into one with great dramatic and cinematic potential. Melissa and Marquise were feeding on Kierre’s vision as well and we powered through ten shots in just a few minutes!

This week we managed to build a great deal of momentum. I am confident that we will have completed storyboards for the film early next year when we all come back after the holidays. Stay tuned for our photo storyboards.

Thanks for reading,

Karl Geweniger

Friday, December 11, 2009

Work in Progress

Video and Filmmakers Club has continued to meet through the month of November and into December, and they've added three club leaders: Mae Moreno, Shu Ling Young, and Karl Geweniger. The group is currently working on a script and storyboards for their first film project. Members' roles for the project are as follows:
  • Executive Producer - Kierre Halbert
  • Producer - Melissa Young
  • Associate Producer - Marquise Cook
  • Director - Brittany Murphy
  • Assistant Director - Marquise Cook and Cantrell Strauther
  • Writer - Kierre and Melissa
  • Camera - Cantrell
  • Audio/Sound - Reggie Murphy
  • Lighting - Sean Mayfield
  • Editing - Reggie, Melissa, and Sean
  • Production Assistant - Cantrell, Marquise, Kierre
  • Design - Brittany
  • Actors - Everyone!
Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks for following.