Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 21st, 2009

Video and Filmmakers Club held its first fall meeting on Monday night. Tutoring and mentoring began last week so there were some new recruits in attendance: Kierre and Marquise (pictured below in mysterious blur). Last week's cameraman, Cantrell, showed both of them how to use the camera and they proceeded to shoot two scenes: our entry into the main room of Cabrini Connections and our characters' introductions.

Before shooting, we discussed elements of pre-production including screenwriting and storyboarding. Though we do not have the time to write a thorough script and draw a detailed storyboard, it is important to get a general idea about what is going on in a particular scene and how it should look. Based on camera techniques we learned earlier this summer, group members came up with some great ideas (for example, the following shot of Reggie walking into Cabrini Connections was all Melissa's idea).

Thanks for following our work. We hope to have a video ready soon!

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