Friday, December 11, 2009

Work in Progress

Video and Filmmakers Club has continued to meet through the month of November and into December, and they've added three club leaders: Mae Moreno, Shu Ling Young, and Karl Geweniger. The group is currently working on a script and storyboards for their first film project. Members' roles for the project are as follows:
  • Executive Producer - Kierre Halbert
  • Producer - Melissa Young
  • Associate Producer - Marquise Cook
  • Director - Brittany Murphy
  • Assistant Director - Marquise Cook and Cantrell Strauther
  • Writer - Kierre and Melissa
  • Camera - Cantrell
  • Audio/Sound - Reggie Murphy
  • Lighting - Sean Mayfield
  • Editing - Reggie, Melissa, and Sean
  • Production Assistant - Cantrell, Marquise, Kierre
  • Design - Brittany
  • Actors - Everyone!
Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks for following.

1 comment:

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