Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stepping Up To The Challenge

Today we celebrated the end of another successful year at Cabrini Connections. In front of over 250 people, Reel Talent Productions got to showcase our work. We screened 3 pieces that bookended the year pretty nicely - 2 fun music videos we made last summer, and 1 more serious Public Service Announcement video we'd finished just days before.

Many props to my fellow club leader Drew, regular teacher Jane and the staff of Cabrini Connections for the success of the last year. The journey wasn't always smooth-sailing, and we hit a few challenges along the way, but that's precisely why the experience was so valuable for us all. To everyone who's supported the members of Reel Talent Productions along the way, thank you for understanding the value and importance of the media's role in society today. This was an outlet for our teens to express their views and creativity, and to share it with the world.

Here's to more good times ahead. Our Summer Internship Program is coming up. Leave a comment below if you'd like more details.

I'll leave you now with the newest creation by Reel Talent Productions. Congrats to Melissa Young and Ana Tate for stepping up and taking the lead on this one.

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