Saturday, August 20, 2011


well let me start off by saying it was crazy for me because i thought i wasn't going to able to make it in for any of the days because school is starting.I been busy all week getting ready and it really hard fitting in that in my schedule but i made it  through.I came in on Tuesday and started the fly er hm at first  iwas getting frustrated because  i didn't know how to start off,that's why my first and second fly er was um bad.But at the end i got through it all and made perfect one well i think i did .Then when i got done, i went to go help with the last idea on douncementary by telling her what when should added because ididnt wont to feel like ididnt do any work because iwas work on the fly er all day.Okay day two was crazy because i was stuck in Harvey Illinois getting school stuff and soo i really don't know what happen that day but i came and Marquita sent out the fly er to people but through it all ithink we did a good on editing at the end of day,we got over 10mins. I cant wait to see it on big screen :).

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