Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Third Day Video Shooting (An Indiana)

When first got to the camp grounds,i was very angry because i knew it was going to be alot bugs.Ughhh  I got bite like 5times and it really sucked.But as the day went on i really enjoy all the experiences coach Jenny and coach Lauren introduce to us.I had fun shooting the girls on camera  and its was kind of funny because they kept laughing and saying funny stuff and you couldn't control it.However, it was very hard to control the boom because their so many freaking bugs out but i tried to stay in control even though it was really hard.The trip was great .The kids that between ages 12-13 were going nuts when we had to show them the way to their cabins because bugs and very high hills.Through it all i enjoyed the new experiences we had at camp buttercup and i enjoyed shooting and booming the microphone.

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