Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My First Day At Reel Talent

When i first got to work ,we seat down and talked because we were early.Later on at 11pm,we started discussing coverage,storytelling,set etiquette and interview techniques.To me and my point view while they were discussing.I Think coverage and storytelling is basically describing other people point view and letting other people see how it feel to be in their shoes.Set etiquette is just saying the roles of each person and telling them important responsibilities they have to follow.I learned Interview techniques and this is important to me because this can help you in the real world one day when your trying to do media and technology in the future.This changed me because it will help me see what being reporter really is and it isn't simple at all.You have to go in and be prepared for anything.This make me feel little nervous because I'm not that out-spoken when it comes to talking to a person face to face.

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